Project Advance trains high school teachers to offer Syracuse University courses to high school students during the regular school day.

These are the same courses that the Syracuse University faculty offer on the Syracuse campus to college students. High school students have the opportunity to take a college course and familiarize themselves with the rigor and expectations that comes with taking a college course.

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ACC 151: Introduction to Financial Accounting
BIO 121-23/124 General Biology I and II:
CFS 202: The Development of Children
CFS/SPM 327: Human Development and Sport
CHE 106-7: General Chemistry I
CHE 116-7: General Chemistry II
CHE 113: Forensic Science
CLS 105: College Learning Strategies
CPS 185: Animation & Gaming
CRS 325: Presentational Speaking
CSE 283: Introduction to Object-Oriented Design
EAR 203: Earth System Science
ECN 203: Economic Ideas and Issues
ECN 305: The Economics of Personal Finance
ECS 102: Introduction to Computing
EEE 370: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
ETS 181: Class and Literary Texts
ETS 192: Gender and Literary Texts
FRE 201: French III (Intermediate French)
GER 201: German III (Intermediate German)
HST 101: American History to 1865
HST 102: American History Since 1865

IST 256: Application Programming for Information Systems
IST 263: Introduction to Front End Web Development
IST 322: Digital Strategy
IST 323: Intro. to Information Security
ITA 201: Italian III (Intermediate Italian)
LAT 201: Latin III
LAT 310: Latin Prose Authors
LAT 320: Latin Poets
MAT 221: Elementary Probability & Statistics I
MAT 222: Elementary Probability & Statistics II
MAT 295: Calculus I
MAT 296: Calculus II
MAT 397: Calculus III
MAT 414: Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
PAF 101: An Introduction to the Analysis of Public Policy
PHY 101-2: Major Concepts of Physics I and II
PSY 205: Psychology: Foundations of Human Behavior
SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology
SPA 201: Spanish III (Intermediate Spanish)
SPM 205: Principles & Contemporary Issues in Sport Management
URP 150: Science Research
WRT 105: Studio I: Practices of Academic Writing
WRT 114: Writing Culture: Intro to Creative Nonfiction