Course Feedback

Project Advance uses the Syracuse University Course Feedback System. Students who register for Syracuse University credit provide an email contact address during the registration process. Approximately 3 to 4 weeks before the end of the semester in most districts in NYS, students will receive a link to the course feedback system at the email they provided at registration. Students will receive reminder emails every three days after the survey opens until the survey close date.

Student access to course feedback forms for Fall 2021 is open from January 3rd through February 4th,  2022.

Students enrolled for Syracuse University credit for one-semester classes have the opportunity to complete a course feedback form. Students can access their course form by clicking the link below:
Click here then enter your SUID number and last name, all lower case, omitting spaces, hyphens or apostrophes. (e.g., if you last name is Jones-Smith, enter jonessmith.)

EvaluationKIT offers the following:
  • Up-to-date response rate tracking
  • Visibility of your courses included for feedback
  • Access to reports within the system that always remain available
  • Email notifications to show you which courses are open for feedback
  • Email notifications the day you can access course-level reports
Important Dates
  • For the fall semester, the course feedback window opens when students return to school in January and closes the end of the first week of February.
  • For the spring semester,¬†course feedback window opens in mid-May and closes before the NYS Regents exams are scheduled to begin.
Instructors can access EvaluationKIT in the following ways:
  • Go to and log in with netID and password.
  • Select the EvaluationKIT dashboard link under the Course Feedback module in Blackboard.
  • Use the MySlice Faculty Services pagelet and click on the course feedback link.

For more information in the Syracuse University Course Feedback approach and system, please visit the Course Feedback webpage linked here.