Transcripts and Transferring Credit


If you officially registered for your SU course through Project Advance, and your account is up to date (not on financial hold) you are eligible to request an SU transcript and attempt to have your credits transferred. While Project Advance cannot guarantee that your credits will be accepted by another college or university, 90% of our former students report receiving credit recognition of some kind.  For additional information please click on links for credit transfer FAQ and credit transfer guide.

Step 1: Confirm that your grade has been posted by your high school instructor after completion of the course. This only applies if you are currently enrolled in an SU course through Project Advance.

Students Currently Enrolled in an SU course: we recommend you wait until your grade is officially posted so that you do not order a blank transcript! Grades are posted after the course is completed.

Students who have completed an SU course in the past: If you already completed your course (ie.-last semester, or last year) your grade has already been posted and you can skip this step. If you would like to view your grade anyway before requesting your transcript, you can follow the instructions below.

To view your grade, you will be required to log into “MySlice” using your NetID . See below for instructions on this process:

  • Activate your NetID at utilizing your SUID number
    • Your SU ID number would be located on your welcome letter mailed to your attention or on the invoice that was generated and mailed to your parent/guardian’s attention
    • Any issues with activating you NetID can be resolved through:
  • Sign into “MySlice” at with your NetID and Password
    • Under “Student Services”, go to “Enrollment” and then click on “View Grades”.
    • You are looking for a letter grade to the right of the course(s).

Step 2: Order your official SU transcript through Parchment

A transcript is the most important piece of evidence of your college work and must be sent to your chosen institution in order to transfer your credit. Only students who officially registered, completed, and have an account up to date (not on financial hold) are eligible to receive a transcript.

  • Create an account through Parchment, a secure partner of the University who handles transcript requests.Download a PDF here for a walk through of the Parchment system
  • When you are filling out the form, under the section “Program” please enter “Project Advance”
  • Please be sure to use your full or formal name (ie-“James” not “Jim”) and date of birth when setting up your Parchment account
  • Know your SUID # or last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. (If you did not provide your Social Security number when you registered for credit and do not have your SUID, please call our office at 315-443-2404 to receive your SUID. We will not give it out that information over email or livechat.)
  • Know the mailing or email address of where your transcripts need to be sent- please contact your college for that information ahead of completing the request.
  • Have your credit card information available (there is a $12.00 fee for ordering transcripts)
  • To check the status of your request, log back in with the username and password you set up when you created your account with Parchment

Additional recommendations:

Save your course syllabi.  Colleges and universities might request a copy of your syllabus to assure that the course is comparable to the one taught on their campus.

Contact colleges and universities directly and speak with your academic advisor or faculty to see if there is any more information that needs to be provided in order to have credit recognized.

About Parchment

The Office of the Registrar has implemented a new electronic transcript request and fulfillment process that offers advanced security features and improved efficiency and speed. Requests can be made online 24/7, and you will have access to real-time, end-to-end tracking that shows when the transcript request was fulfilled and when it is received. As a result of the new process, average transcript delivery will be within hours of the request.  Transcripts will be provided at a charge of $12, which helps cover the cost of the added security and other enhanced features of the new system.  Requests for electronic copies do not carry an additional charge. However, there is an additional charge of $2.50 for U.S. domestic delivery and $5 for international delivery for paper transcripts.

For more information on Syracuse University’s transcript policy, please visit the Registrar’s Office’s page on transcripts.