Online Transcript Request

The Office of the Registrar has implemented a new electronic transcript request and fulfillment process that offers advanced security features and improved efficiency and speed. Requests can be made online 24/7, and you will have access to real-time, end-to-end tracking that shows when the transcript request was fulfilled and when it is received. As a result of the new process, average transcript delivery will be within hours of the request.  Transcripts will be provided at a charge of $12, which helps cover the cost of the added security and other enhanced features of the new system.  Requests for electronic copies do not carry an additional charge. However, there is an additional charge of $2.50 for U.S. domestic delivery and $5 for international delivery for paper transcripts.  Please make sure that your final grades have been posted before ordering your transcript to avoid incomplete transcripts and the expense of ordering additional transcripts. More information is available on our Transcript Request Page.


Fall 2024 Drop form will be available soon.


Drop Information


Spring 2024 Drop Deadline is April 17, 2024

The official drop dates for the fall/yearlong semester classes and the spring semester are posted on the Registration Calendar and Guide available on our website.

If the signed Drop Form is received up to and including on the actual drop date, the course will be dropped and the financial responsibility will be removed. A refund will be processed if payment has been received and an email notification is generated to notify the parent, student and instructor that the drop request has been officially processed.

Exceptions to the Drop Deadline:

  • student is ill and cannot complete the class (note from physician required)
  • student moved out of the district (documentation from Guidance required)

Spring 2024 Withdrawal Deadline is May 10, 2024

The official withdrawal dates for the fall semester classes and the spring semester are posted on the Registration Calendar and Guide, available HERE.

After the official SU drop deadline, the student has the option to withdraw from the SU course they are officially registered in. A withdrawal form must be completed with the required three signatures; it must be mailed or faxed to the Project Advance office by the due date. No refunds are issued and the parent/guardian remains financially responsible for any outstanding balance on the account. An email notification is generated to notify the parent, student and instructor that the withdrawal request has been officially processed. Please note: If the Project Advance office does not have the withdrawal form on file prior to grades being entered, the Instructor of record will have no alternative but to assign the grade that was earned.

Spring 2024 Withdraw Form 


Withdraw Information


Financial Assistance

Limited financial assistance is available for students with urgent financial need. Parents or guardians must complete the form, then return it with all supporting documents to the SUPA office for approval.

 Financial Assistance Application Form



Application Form for Summer Institute

For full application process, please go to the teacher application page

Letter of Recommendation Form

Successful completion of the Summer Institute training program is the first step to becoming a SUPA instructor. Applications and supporting documents are due June 1.


Administrative Access

Admin PASS Request Form

For access to PASS for Administrators, download, complete, and return the Admin PASS Request.

Request For Syracuse University Library Access Form


Turn It In Permission Form


Scholarship Application Form

SUPA Scholarship application form

Project Advance can provide some tuition assistance for teachers who are currently enrolled or want to enroll in further graduate studies in their field.