Instructional Services

The technological future is with us today! Technological solutions and applications are found in all industries now, not least in teaching. It’s essential that students learn to create and apply knowledge using the latest technology in order to prepare for the world in which they will live and work.

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SUPA’s Instructional Services Team supports the use of technology with 21st century learners, as well as the teaching professionals who facilitate this learning, by:

  • Connecting classrooms across schools via innovative technologies.
  • Connecting instructors via innovative technologies.
  • Synthesizing components that make up SUPA’s enhanced concurrent enrollment opportunities.
  • Collaborating with college faculty for creation of course-specific materials and resources.
  • Offering support services for faculty and teachers.
  • Investigating new technologies and helping instructors incorporate them into courses.
  • Administering research and evaluation within Project Advance.

To learn more, contact Rob Pusch, Project Advance Senior Associate Director in charge of instructional services at