MAT 414 is a first course in the study of differential equations. Topics covered include the analytic and qualitative aspects of first-order differential equations (linear and nonlinear), second order linear equations, Laplace transforms, and systems of first order linear equations.


To register for this course, students must provide documents confirming completion of the following prerequisites:

  1. Passing Syracuse University MAT 295 and 296 with a grade of C- or better; or
  2. Earning a score of 4 or better on the AP BC calculus examination; or
  3. Earning a qualifying score on university examinations


  1. Passing MAT 397 with a grade of C or better

Students are expected to be able to:

  • Take partial derivatives;
  • Set up and evaluate integrals;
  • Do integration by parts; and
  • Work with elementary linear algebra