Psychology 205 is an introductory psychology course offered by Syracuse University’s psychology department. It is an innovative course which provides instruction in the fundamental topics in psychology in addition to providing a degree of freedom for students to pursue individual topics of interest.

The primary goals of the course include providing students with information regarding major areas of psychology such as learning, memory, cognition, development, personality, and social psychology. Students will learn the basic principles, concepts, and research findings in psychology and will become acquainted with psychological research methods and procedures while attempting to conduct and document research.

Students will be presented with opportunities to discuss current topics, events, real-life experiences, and applications of psychological theories and research. Furthermore, students will learn the organizational and study skills important to succeed in college courses while also developing their oral and written communication of psychological knowledge.

Course Outline

Students read college-level textbooks and complete study guide assignments. Other components of the course include teacher lectures, class discussions, Syracuse University course lectures on the World Wide Web, online textbook links, research reviews and/or research projects, objective exams, essay exams, SU faculty visits, and teacher-generated learning projects.

The text for the course is Wayne Weiten’s Psychology Themes and Variation, 8th ed. (Wadsworth) and its supplements: a study guide, webpage, other media, and practice tests.

The areas covered by the book include the following:

  • Research and Behavioral Science Development
  • Biological Basis of the Brain and Intelligence
  • Consciousness, Motivation, and Emotion
  • Sensation and Perception
  • Personality
  • Learning and Psychological Disorders
  • Memory, Cognition/Thinking and Social Psychology
  • Language Development