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ACC 151: Introduction to Financial Accounting
BIO 121-23/124 General Biology I and II:
CFS 202: The Development of Children
CHE 106-7: General Chemistry I
CHE 116-7: General Chemistry II
CHE 113: Forensic Science
CLS 105: College Learning Strategies
CPS 185: Animation & Gaming
CRS 325: Presentational Speaking
CSE 283: Introduction to Object-Oriented Design
EAR 203: Earth System Science
ECN 203: Economic Ideas and Issues
ECN 305: The Economics of Personal Finance
ECS 102: Introduction to Computing
EEE 370: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
ETS 181: Class and Literary Texts
ETS 192: Gender and Literary Texts
FRE 201: French III (Intermediate French)
GER 201: German III (Intermediate German)
HFS/SPM 327: Human Development and Sport
HST 101: American History to 1865
HST 102: American History Since 1865

IST 256: Application Programming for Information Systems
IST 263: Introduction to Front End Web Development
IST 322: Digital Marketing and Analytics for the Web
IST 323: Intro. to Information Security
ITA 201: Italian III (Intermediate Italian)
LAT 201: Latin III
LAT 310: Latin Prose Authors
LAT 320: Latin Poets
MAT 221: Elementary Probability & Statistics I
MAT 222: Elementary Probability & Statistics II
MAT 295: Calculus I
MAT 296: Calculus II
MAT 397: Calculus III
MAT 414: Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
PAF 101: An Introduction to the Analysis of Public Policy
PHY 101-2: Major Concepts of Physics I and II
PSY 205: Psychology: Foundations of Human Behavior
SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology
SPA 201: Spanish III (Intermediate Spanish)
SPM 205: Principles & Contemporary Issues in Sport Management
URP 150: Science Research
WRT 105: Studio I: Practices of Academic Writing
WRT 114: Writing Culture: Intro to Creative Nonfiction