Turnitin—an Internet-based plagiarism prevention system—is now available for use by all Syracuse University instructors, including those offering SU courses through Project Advance.

Turnitin allows instructors to upload student work (submitted as electronic files, such as a Word document) into the system and receive a report that identifies “matched text.” The instructor still must analyze the report for originality, but Turnitin does provide them with more information that can be used to make this determination.

If you plan to use TurnItIn in your classroom:

For more information, contact Rob Pusch, Project Advance Senior Associate Director in charge of instructional services, at rpusch@syr.edu.

Tutorials for TurnItIn

Project Advance Tutorials

Below are some short tutorials specifically designed by the Project Advance Instructional Design Team. For additional tutorials, see those developed at the TurnItIn.com website.

Videos from TurnItIn: Videos for instructors

Videos from TurnItIn: Videos for students