Become A SUPA Instructor

Project Advance is a collaboration between high schools and Syracuse University. SUPA trains high school teachers as Syracuse University adjunct instructors to teach university courses during the school day. Here’s how to become a SUPA instructor:

STEP 1: Check the Summer Institute schedule

Check our Summer Institute schedule for the course you wish to apply for. Our SI workshops generally last one week. There is no charge for the training, however teachers must provide their own transportation and lodging (see the Summer Institute homepage for more information on lodging)

NOTE: If your high school does not currently offer SU courses through SUPA, click here for details on becoming a partner school.

STEP 2: Apply Online

Teachers will be asked to provide documentation, including transcripts and letter of recommendation (form for Letter of Recommendation is here)

STEP 3: Faculty Approval

Once the Summer Institute application and all required documentation is received, Syracuse University faculty from the relevant subject area review each application and approve or deny it. You will be notified of your status and given pertinent information regarding the training schedule and any coursework that may be necessary prior to attending the workshop.

  • Generally, a master’s degree and five years of classroom teaching experience are required to become a SUPA instructor. (A master’s degree is required in the state of New Jersey).
  • Occasionally, certification to teach a course will be made contingent upon completion of additional graduate coursework, field experiences, or a program of structured independent study.
  • For course-specific requirements, please contact our office.

Step 4: Summer Institute Attendance and Completion

After successfully completing the Summer Institute, you will receive an adjunct instructor appointment to teach the SU course(s). Retaining your appointment requires attendance at annual professional development seminars as well as actively teaching the course at least once every three years.

If unforeseen circumstances arise and your application needs to be withdrawn, contact our office┬áimmediately. An approved application will remain on file for the following year’s training, if requested.

You can contact our office at (315) 443-2404 or with any questions about the application process.