SUPA trains high school teachers in over 50 Syracuse University courses.

High school teachers who successfully complete Summer Institute training become certified adjunct instructors of Syracuse University.

More than that, they join a community of like-minded professionals dedicated to teaching, learning and inspiring others. With over 200 partner schools and 800 instructors certified, Project Advance continues to grow and serve communities who value expert teaching and learning.

Professional Development/Benefits

Project Advance offers a variety of opportunities for high school teachers to pursue professional development, some of which are required to retain certification to teach SU courses in their high schools.

Summer Institute Teachers train under SU faculty to learn the ins and outs of teaching the SU course.

Instructors are required to attend one professional development seminar every semester they offer the SU class.

Special Topics Workshops are facilitated by SU faculty and are open to the wider educational community of secondary educators for professional development experience.