SUPA high school instructor

Teacher Benefits

Professional Development—By partnering with SU, participating high schools can offer teachers in-service training and professional development; a continuing forum for communication between high school and college educators; and extensive ongoing research and evaluation for systemic improvement of concurrent enrollment instruction.

Becoming Qualified—Teachers who meet academic requirements participate in intensive summer workshops to familiarize themselves with the course and its materials, methods, and grading standards. Upon successful completion of the workshop, teachers become SU adjunct instructors.

Maintaining Standards—At least once each semester, SU faculty members and visit classrooms to review student work and talk with teachers and students, and SUPA staff discuss community response and program administration with the principal. SU faculty read papers and review tests to ensure concurrent enrollment grading standards are consistent with those applied on the SU campus.

Constant Contact—In addition to site visits, faculty members and administrators at SU are accessible to high school instructors by phone and e-mail, as are SUPA staff members, who assist with logistical support for the high school sections.