Prof. Hoke’s research interests include tectonic geomorphology, interactions between landscapes, climate and tectonics, stable isotope paleoaltimetry, and understanding mountain belt evolution through the sedimentary record.

His current research projects include:

  • Climate, transient basin fill and faulting in a thin-skinned thrust belt, San Juan Province, Argentina (with M. R. Strecker of the University of Potsdam, Germany and R. W. Allmendinger of Cornell University, NY).
Rock deformation events, range elevation change, and sedimentary basin filling in the Andes Mountains between 30°S and 34°S latitude (with C. N. Garzione of the University of Rochester, NY and L. B. Giambiagi of IANIGLA, Argentina).
Paleoaltimerty of the Southeast Margin of the Tibetan Plateau (with C.N. Garzione of the University of Rochester, NY).
Isotope-elevation transect from monthly precipitation samples along the Aconcagua and Mendoza Rivers, Chile, and Argentina (with D. Sachse, of the University of Potsdam, Germany; J. Aranibar of IANIGLA, Argentina; E. M. Gayo, of the Universidad Católica, Chile; and K. Huntington of the University of Washington, WA).

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