Prior to joining the Whitman faculty, Alexandra was the CEO of The Student Storage Company, Inc. for 12 years and Vice President of Hellinis Imports Company, Inc. since 2000. She co-founded and operated both companies which provide ample real-life experiences for the classroom. She still operates Hellinis Imports and has co-founded another venture, European Driving Academy, Inc. She likes to inspire and encourage young people to consider life as an entrepreneur. She currently teaches Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Strategic Entrepreneurial Management.

Ms. Kostakis was also chosen as a House Mentor for the Goodman IMPRESS program at Whitman. She also is the Entrepreneurship faculty lead for Project Advance Syracuse University (SUPA). This program instructs/supports high school teachers who teach Intro to Entrepreneurship for college credit at the high school level. In addition she heads the CIE Learning Community which brings together first semester, first-year students who are interested in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. These students all live together in the Dellplain dorm and experience their first semester of college as a community.

Ms. Kostakis frequently meets with student start-up companies to offer support and help as they meet the challenges of the start-up process. She is also judge for various entrepreneurship competitions around campus.

Recently Alexandra joined the Boots to Business program at IVMF and is part of a team that travels around the world to various military bases to teach transitioning military servicemen and women the basics of starting a business.

Ms. Kostakis’ passion is inspiring students of all ages to consider life as an entrepreneur. She believes this challenging path not only leads to high personal fulfillment but also makes the world a better place for us all.






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