Viewing Your Grade

Your high school instructor is required to enter your grade into the Syracuse University “MySlice” system. MySlice is an online portal that SU uses for students, faculty, and staff to handle administrative operations.

To view your grade, you will be required to log into “MySlice” using your NetID . See below for instructions on this process:

Step 1: Activate your NetID at utilizing your SUID number (Your SU ID number would be located on your welcome letter mailed to your attention or on the invoice that was generated and mailed to your parent/guardian’s attention)

                  Any issues with activating you NetID can be resolved through:

Step 2: Sign into “MySlice” at with your NetID and Password

  • Under “Student Services”, go to “Enrollment” and then click on “View Grades”.
  • You are looking for a letter grade to the right of the course(s).

All students should verify that their grade(s)  were officially submitted by their high school instructor prior to requesting a transcript.  Any questions regarding the grade should be directed to the Instructor of the course.

No transcript should be requested until you know that a grade has been posted, otherwise you may end up paying for a blank transcript and you will then need to request it again. Click here to see instructions for ordering your transcript.