Project Advance began in 1972 to provide challenging courses for high school seniors. To prepare them for college academics. That goal has remained unchanged for over 45 years, as thousands of students have benefited from taking a Syracuse University course in high school. While serving the students is our primary mission, Project Advance also seeks to provide the best professional development opportunities for teachers. Without teachers, SUPA doesn’t work! With this is mind, I wanted to share some of the opportunities that SUPA has to offer:


Summer Institute

For many, this is where it all begins! Summer Institute is where teachers are trained to offer the Syracuse University courses. Under direct supervision of SU faculty, teachers learn the course subject matter, instructional materials and pedagogy associated with the course, and become part of the community associated with each subject. (

Seminars and Class Visits

Once certified teachers must attend a SUPA-run professional development seminar every semester they offer a Syracuse University course. Far from a burden, these seminars are an opportunity for teachers to not only connect with faculty and other high school instructors, but to remain up to date on course materials and goings-on in the world at large as it pertains to the subject matter.

In addition to the seminars, a class visit will occur every semester the instructor is offering a course. These visits are made by SU faculty and approved visitors and provide an opportunity for students to meet, ask questions and engage with university faculty. SIPA visitors will be happy to answer questions, monitor the progress of the students and meet with school administrators if requested.

Graduate Credit and Tuition Assistance

Certified instructors who wish to further their studies in their chosen field can apply to receive tuition assistance from Project Advance.

To be eligible for a Syracuse University Project Advance Adjunct Instructor Scholarship, teachers must be: (1) teaching at least one section of an SU course during the academic year; and (2) SUPA certified and in good standing. Syracuse University Project Advance reserves the right to limit scholarships as well as the amount of scholarships. (


Workshops are offered to teachers from partner schools. There is usually a reasonable cost associated.

Here are some examples of recent workshops:

Special Topics Workshops

Special Topics Workshops are facilitated by Syracuse University faculty and are open to secondary educators for discipline-specific professional development experience. Certified SUPA instructors have the added option of enrolling in these workshops for SU graduate credit at a significantly reduced tuition rate.

Core Strategies Workshops

To help middle and high school instructors teach skills that anticipate the complex reading and writing practices students will encounter as they move through the grade levels and embark on their college and professional careers, SUPA has developed “Core Strategies: Preparing College-Ready Readers & Writers,” a set of three interrelated professional development workshops.

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