Moodle is Project Advance’s open-source learning management system (LMS). Moodle offers several features that can be used by faculty and instructors in a variety of ways.

Moodle & Professional Development

As a professional development tool, SU faculty and SUPA instructors use Moodle as a means to connect and share ideas and resources. Course-specific virtual learning environments can be created to allow faculty and instructors to participate in discussion forums focused on their work with Project Advance; to create a database of materials that can be used in class; and to share resources related to their classes. This dynamic environment allows faculty and instructors to stay connected and continue their professional development beyond the seminars. Currently a number of courses do have a course-specific repository.

Moodle for Your Class

As a SUPA instructor, you can use Moodle to provide students with online access to documents, quizzes, an assignment dropbox, and online threaded discussions. You can use Moodle for one, two, or all of these features. Once you’ve set up a course section in Moodle, you can continue to use it from year to year, updating your course over time. To request a course in Moodle, fill out the Moodle Course Request Form and e-mail it to Rob Pusch at

For more information on setting up your Moodle account, contact Rob Pusch, Project Advance associate director in charge of instructional services at