Project Advance Summer Institute 2020- COVID-19 Update

Summer Institute 2020 Attendees click here to view/download the memo for info on what you can do before your workshop starts!

Syracuse University has announced that it has cancelled all Summer 2020 programming on campus and moved all courses online. As a consequence, Project Advance is altering our 2020 Summer Institute to comply with Syracuse University policy.

After careful consultation with our faculty, Project Advance will be training teachers in the courses below for Summer Institute 2020.

If you had previously been accepted for one of these courses, or if you had previously been accepted to attend and be trained in a course that is not listed below, and have not contacted by a Project Advance staff member, please email

Given the nature of remote instruction, it is likely that the typical all-day, week-long schedule for these workshops will also need to be adjusted to accommodate the virtual learning environment. That will likely translate into shorter synchronous meeting periods each day, combined with some asynchronous work, but over a longer period of time, e.g., 2-3 weeks rather than a single week.

If you have been accepted to a course but your Summer Institute training can be deferred until next summer, Project Advance would strongly recommend doing so, particularly given the challenges associated with remote participation and added time commitments. If you have already been approved to attend this year’s Summer Institute, our office can archive your application and ‘hold your space’ for next year. Similarly, if your application is pending, we can archive any documents already submitted to hold for review next year.

If you have already made a hotel reservation with the SU Sheraton or another area hotel, please be sure to cancel your reservation and any other travel arrangements.

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2020 Summer Institute Schedule

Course Course Name Workshop Dates Schedule Faculty SUPA Admin
BIO 121/123 General Biology July 6-10 9-4, live online Wiles Young
CHE 106/107 General Chemistry July 6-8 CLOSED TO NEW SCHOOLS: training backups only. Full days (online) usually 10-4 with break for lunch Spencer/Sponsler Nappa-Carroll
CHE 113 Forensic Science July 13-17 CLOSED TO NEW SCHOOLS: training backups only.Full days (online) usually 10-4 with break for lunch Spencer/Sponsler and Marciano Nappa-Carroll
EAR 203 Earth System Science July 6-17 First week – schedule (TBA). Second week – Content/admin workshops, delivered synchronous/ asynchronous, from 10-4 (breaks in between) Hoke/Curewitz Delafe
ECN 203 Economic Ideas and Issues July 6-July 10 Delivered asynchronous/ synchronous, full days from 10-4 Evensky Edmonds
ECN 305 Economics of Personal Finance July 6-July 15 Delivered asynchronous/ synchronous, full days from 10-4 Dutkowsky Edmonds
ENG 192 Gender and Literary Texts July 13-27 Meet live 1-2 times/wk, the rest asynchronous Fadda Conrey
MAT 221/222 Statistics I/ Statistics II July 6-10 Full week 1, details forthcoming Hyune-Ju Kim Kadaji
MAT 296 Calculus II June 29-30 2 full days, June 29, 30 Jeff Meyer Kadaji
PSY 205 Foundations of Human Behavior July 6-10 Predominantly live, synchronous training online Lewandowski Conrey
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology July 6-10 (minimally) TBD- will run at least one week London Parish
SPA 201 Spanish III July 6-10 Content and Admin workshops delivered asynchronous/ synchronous, full days form 10-4 ( breaks in between) Juarez-Cummings Delafe
WRT 105 Practices of Academic Writing July 6-27 Meet live 1x/wk, the rest asynchronous Gilfus Conrey
WRT 114 Introduction to Creative Non-Fiction July 6-27 Meet live 1-2 times/wk, the rest asynchronous Kleinbart Conrey