Gaining Recognition for SU Courses

After you decide which institution you will attend, review its catalog to identify all of the requirements for graduation.

Then determine which of these requirements might be completely or partially fulfilled by the Syracuse University course(s) you have already taken. You must choose which form(s) of recognition you are seeking. To receive any form of recognition, you must request that a transcript from SU be sent to your college.


If you need a copy of your SU transcript
  • Request that a transcript be sent to the university or college you are attending. You can request a transcript online here or by mailing or faxing the transcript request form.
If you are trying to place into an advanced course
  • Compare your SU syllabus to the one from the course you wish to place out of.
  • If the syllabi are similar, then speak to the professor of the course you wish to place into and, if necessary, your academic advisor and/or a department administrator.
If you do not have a copy of your syllabus
  • Contact the instructor who taught the SSU course in your high school.
  • If your former instructor is unable to assist you, e-mail Be sure to include the name
    of  your instructor, the high school where the course was taken, and the course title (e.g. Soc 101).
  • We cannot guarantee we will be able to retrieve the syllabus for you, but we will do our very best.
To fulfill a distribution, general education, or major/minor requirement
  • Compare the course description for your SU course with the descriptions of courses at your university that fulfill the requirement.
  • If the SU course description closely matches the course description that meets the requirement at your university, speak to your academic advisor, department administrator, or academic dean.
If you are having difficulty gaining recognition for your SU course
    • Your name
    • The school where you took your SU course(s)
    • The course(s) for which you seek assistance in gaining recognition
    • The type(s) of recognition you are seeking
    • The actions you have taken to seek this recognition