Where do I direct my students to register for Syracuse University courses?

Instructions will be available for you to distribute in class so you can instruct your students how to access the secure site—https://pass.supa.syr.edu—for registration.

If a computer lab has been reserved, students can register at school; otherwise they will need to complete the application at home. Regardless of where the application is completed, it must be printed upon completion and signed by a parent/guardian. You should always give a due date for returning the signed application to you

Should I wait for all my students to return their signed applications before mailing them to the Project Advance office?

No, we suggest you give them a due date when you will be mailing their signed applications to the Project Advance office. If you have a few outstanding applications, you can mail them separately in the postage paid envelopes that have been provided for you with your registration materials. Students will receive their invoices as soon as they are officially registered.

When will the first payment be due?

The first payment due date for the fall semester is Oct. 15 or Nov. 15, depending upon when we receive the signed application for processing. The first payment due date for the spring semester is March 15.

Invoices are mailed to a student’s home address to the attention of the parent/guardian.

How do my students apply for financial assistance?

The parent/guardian needs to complete the form available on our website here and submit it with all necessary documentation to the Project Advance office for processing. Eligible students are typically those who receive free or reduced lunches and whose parent/guardian has an adjusted gross income of under $30,000.

Where do I go to access my class list and to check on the status of students in my class?

You have access to PASS—the Project Advance database—located at https://pass.supa.syr.edu. Note that this is a secure site—be sure you are at an “https” URL, not an “http.”

This site has been created specifically for you to view the status of your students who initiated an online application. You can view this information at any time, and you will be sent reminders to verify the students in your class. Instructions are also posted here.

How do I access my students to assign a grade?

You need to set up a NetID and password that will allow you access to your students in MySlice. Instructions are posted here.

What is the difference between a student dropping or withdrawing from a Syracuse University course?

When a student requests to drop a Syracuse University course, a drop form must be completed and signed by the student, parent, and instructor. The instructor then sends it to the Project Advance office for processing, prior to the drop date established on the registrar’s calendar. The student is no longer financially responsible for the cost of the course.

Once the deadline for dropping a course has passed, the only option for a student who does not want to complete the course is to withdraw; however, the student is still financially responsible for the outstanding tuition owed. In this case, a withdrawal form (signed by student, parent, and instructor) must be submitted. A student who withdraws will have “WD” posted on his or her transcript.

Both of these forms are available here or upon request from Christine Signy at csigny01@syr.edu.

What questions do I need to ask a student who requests to drop a Syracuse University class?

The following are some points to cover with the student:

  • Did the student register for Syracuse University credit?  If the student is uncertain, the instructor, or other authorized personnel in the high school can access the student’s record via the online administrator’s portal to determine if the student is registered for credit.
  • If the student is registered, did he or she request a Drop Form from the instructor? If not or you aren’t sure, call the SUPA office to determine if the student needs to complete a Drop Form. If the student is not registered for SU credit, the only policies and procedures that apply are those for your high school.
  • Has the Drop Form (signed by student, parent & instructor) been submitted to the SUPA office prior to the posted drop date on the Registrar’s Calendar? Dropping a course through guidance does not remove the student’s financial responsibility to Syracuse University.
  • Is it too late to drop the class? The Registrar’s Calendar lists when the Drop Forms need to be received by the Project Advance office to be eligible.

How do I contact Project Advance?

Phone: 315.443.2404 (office hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)
E-mail: help@supa.syr.edu
Live Chat: Click here (staff are accessible during office hours.)
Fax: 315.443.1626
By Mail: 400 Ostrom Ave, Syracuse NY 13244