Strategies Workshops



Continuing its commitment to offer teachers relevant, useful, and discipline-specific professional development opportunities, SUPA will offer Strategies Workshops at Summer Institute 2016, designed for 7th to 10th grade teachers.

Strategic Learning Workshop

Effective learning can be taught! The methods that students use to retain, organize, and deliver information may be the single most important skill that a teacher can impart. This may especially be true at the 7th to 10th grade level, where mastery of improved learning skills can be the difference between academic success and frustration—for both students and teachers.

  • Take away a brain full of ideas and a binder full of ways to incorporate them into your lessons plans!
  • Overcome the cognitive blocks that keep students from “applying themselves.”
  • FREE to SUPA partner schools and just $1,400 for non-partnering schools that want to send up to three teachers.
  • Taught by SU’s effective learning expert Dr. Marlene Blumin—with content taken from her book It’s All About Choices—the training is designed to help students connect readings, lectures, class notes, and final exams.
  • Download the application here

Core Strategies: Preparing College-Ready Readers & Writers

Give your students the reading and writing strategies that are the cornerstone for success in high school, university, and beyond!

To help middle and high school instructors teach skills that anticipate the complex reading and writing practices students will encounter as they move through the grade levels and embark on their college and professional careers, SUPA has developed “Core Strategies: Preparing College-Ready Readers & Writers,” a set of three interrelated professional development workshops.


Interrelated “Core Strategies” Workshops

Reading with Purpose—Every reading situation comes with its own set of intentions. Discover how purposeful reading requires various approaches for navigating a range of texts.

Analysis—The foundational practice for all reading, writing, and research, analysis seeks to make meaningful connections across texts.

Writing to Learn, Writing Rhetorically—Every writing situation requires invention and rhetorical awareness. Discover composing strategies for coming to deeper understanding of a topic and attending to diverse readers’ perspectives and assumptions.

Information Literacies—The range, delivery and scope of information has shifted radically in our culture. Discover strategies for understanding when we need information, where to find it, how to examine it critically, and how to use it. (New Summer 2015)


SU Writing Program instructors Jonna Gilfus and Anne Fitzsimmons will teach Information Literacies and Writing to Learn, Writing Rhetorically July 5-10 at Summer Institute 2016. School of Ecducation Professor Marlene Blumin will offer her Strategic Learning Workshop Summer Institute workshops are FREE to partner schools. Participants may register for individual workshops or the entire set.

  • Not just for English teachers! These workshops welcome any high school and middle school instructor interested in incorporating analytic and critical reading and writing skills into his or her subject area—math, science, history, etc. Facilitated by SU faculty, these workshops are designed to be collaborative and hands-on.
  • Common Core State Standards. By exploring strategies for analyzing informational texts from a variety of disciplines and engaging in conceptual thinking, these workshops support the alignment of curricula to the new standards.
  • NOTE: Core Strategies workshops are also available as on-site professional development workshops to partner schools for a fee. Contact Chris Parish  or call  315.443.2404 for details.
  • Download the application here