Six local high schools approach Syracuse University about devising a program to offer college courses to qualified high school seniors.
SU Project Advance is field-tested in nine schools.
SU Project Advance officially launches, offering SU courses in more than 40 high schools.
The American Association of Higher Education recognizes SU Project Advance for notable achievements in education.
New York State Assembly passes a resolution recognizing SU Project Advance for "...the significance of its contributions to the quality and diversity of educational opportunities in the State of New York."
SU Project Advance becomes one of a select few private four-year universities accredited by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP).
A 35-year retrospective of SUPA’s research, Our Courses Your Classroom: Research on Syracuse University Courses Taught in High School is published.
SUPA begins its 40th year of operation, offering 38 SU courses in 19 disciplines to more than 9,400 in five states and across three continents!